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Oct 11, 2012 7:00pm EDT
battle. at least one senator offered a prediction. >> tonight joe biden will make mince meat of paul ryan. >> reporter: biden is certainly in the uncomfortable position of trying to gain ground lost in the last debate by the man at the top of the ticket, president obama. polls show a tighter race in the battleground states of virginia, florida, ohio, wisconsin, colorado and nevada. paul ryan has been doing his homework studying stacks of paperwork since he was named running mate and yet republicans are trying to lower expectations. >> i would think everyone would get nervous. i get nervous watching it. so i don't think it's unusual. i think it's normal and obviously joe biden has been around a long time. he's been through this many times. >> reporter: mitt romney in north carolina with the reverend billy graham decided a little extra help couldn't hurt. >> prayer is the most helpful thing you can do for me. >> reporter: as for biden, here's a look at him preparing for the debate while in delaware and a quick quip as he prepares for a walk-through at center college. >> you ever seen me
Oct 12, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, a day after their spirited debate vice president joe biden and republican paul ryan were back on the campaign trail. ryan teamed up with mitt romney while biden hit wisconsin. danielle nottingham brings us more. >> reporter: vice president joe biden continued to play offense in wisconsin friday. >> it's time romney and ryan and the republican congress take a pledge to the middle class people saying we're going to level the playing field. >> reporter: a day after a spirited vice presidential debate. >> with all due respect that's a bunch of marlakey. >> watch out middle class. the tax bill is coming to you. >> reporter: both candidates headed back to the campaign trail. >> reporter: congressman, how you feeling about last night? >> i feel great. >> reporter: paul ryan stopped for breakfast with his family before teaming up with mitt romney in ohio. romney used an earlier virginia rally to praise his running mate's debate performance. >> there was one person on stage last night who was thoughtful and respectful, steady and poised. >> reporter: the obama campaign said the v
Oct 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
stage, vice president joe biden and judgment knee paul ryan preparing for their face-off in kentucky. the vice -- and nominee paul ryan preparing for their face- off in kentucky. the vice president is known for his debating background. >> reporter: ryan was 3 years old when biden first game a u.s. senator. >> he's been doing this for 40 years. what i hope to get out of this debate is to present people with a very clear choice. >> reporter: ryan is trying to downplay expectations, but a new poll show more voters believe he'll do better than biden thursday night. susan mcguiness, cbs news, danville, kentucky. >>> do you like your spuds? so do the potato farmers in idaho. they planted nearly 350,000 acres of them which is 8% more than last year. that's good for you, maybe not so good for the farmers because larger supply could mean the price goes down which again is good for you, not so good for them. >> baked poe take toffees are never really -- potatoes are never really expensive and they're good with little bits of bacon. >>> on this date in 1979 we recorded our earliest measurabl
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3